Template example

The super template example appears to not be updated to the current version. It uses outdated modules and such. (It does run and auto detect in the devapp, but cordova isnt working)

The blank template doesn’t auto-detect in the devapp, but I can enter the address manually (which sort of defeats the purpose since I have to enter it every time)

Am I missing something here? This is a clean/fresh install of ionic. Can these examples be so significantly broken out of the box, or did I do something wrong? Ionic has never quite worked right for me since v3

Maybe, check the issues on GitHub:

I was more referring to the documentation pages where some newcomer would typically land:

Ok, so the super template isn’t listed there anymore, but its still on this page (which appears to apply to the current version):

Here’s another one:

This is absolutely broken in that someone decided to add the --devapp flag to ionic serve. And the broken console output in ionic serve appears to be no longer supported (but was one of the most useful features in rapid development… which is in another abandoned thread)

I guess my issues are more around the tools for ionic, than ionic itself… Its a shame because ionic as a whole was pretty easy to get started back in the day. Now I find it incredibly painful and disjointed.