Targeting phone and tablet

I have been reading the Iconic framework site and also looking at the demo’s (tutorials). Everything I’ve seen seems to target phones. I am curious, is the Iconic framework designed to target both a phone and tablets (e.g. iPhone and iPad)? If so, can you point me to some sample apps that have been deployed to the iPad (or other tablet)?

Targeting a tablet isn’t much different from using a phone. Your pages just have a bigger viewport to use.

Thanks for your response. I am wondering more in terms of how the iconic framework is being used to target the larger viewport on a tablet. Applications written to “only” target a phone do not look as good when enlarged to fit on a tablet viewport. Does Iconic offer responsive styling (like Bootstrap 3) that will help us adjust out markup depending on varying screen sizes? Also, does Iconic have controls that help us better target tablet viewports?

Well a brief look at ionic.css shows that most elements such as action sheets, modals and other elements use 100% width. So depending on the element and the look you’re going for that could be either good or bad. I haven’t come across any specific tablet hooks (devs or others, correct me if I’m wrong). But you can override all the default css with your own styles, so with a little work it should be perfectly possible to adapt any elements for a tablet layout.

Thanks for pointing me to the iconic.css file and your kind responses. In the meantime I was able to find an answer to my question here.

I probably should have worded my question better. Something along the lines of “does ionic framework support responsive css by way of media queries and a grid layout system”. From the link I posted it appears that it has been newly considered as part of the ionic framework roadmap.