Target a Build Stack NodeJS version when Appflow Custom Environment config unavailable

How do you target a build stack’s Node.js version without the custom environment option available in an Appflow subscription tier (e.g. Community)? When it is available, setting the environment variable OVERRIDE_NODE_VERSION as 14 will target v14.21.1 when using build stack "macOS - 2022.10 Latest: for example.

Can OVERRIDE_NODE_VERSION be set or otherwise targeted with package.json or ionic.config.json?

macOS - 2022.10 (Latest)
Cordova CLI		11.0.0
Ionic CLI		6.20.3
Node.js			18.12.0
Node.js versions	14.21.1 / 16.18.1 / 18.12.1
npm			8.19.2
Yarn			1.22.19
Python			3
macOS			12.6
Carthage		0.38.0
CocoaPods		1.11.3
Xcode			14.0.1

Without it, my builds target 18.12.1 and errors.