Tabs inside side menu content messes up navigation history


I modified existing side bar example on code pen to demo.

What I have is

|- Tabs
| |- Tab1
| |- Tab2
|- checkin
|- attendees

Navigation works fine between these views but nav-back-button doesn’t appear if I go to checkin/attendees from tab1/2. I will show up if I go to checkin/attendees from attendees/checkin. Is there a solution to this? Maybe My whole structure is wrong ?


hi @aliyaka . I have been trying to get or find a working example of a tab navigation with a side menu that works for a very long time, but no one has been able to do it on the forum or code samples.

I am taking about an Ionic project with side menu, tabs and history arrows all working, on an Ionic starter project. I am trying to build this on the ionic-angular-cordova-seed project. @Calendee tried to do it but wasn’t able to (so slim chance for me to do it), and I contacted @max about this and he told me they would work on a version very soon. They have just launched the beta, new documentation, etc, so things must be very hectic.

There are bits of code floating around that show one of these features working but I have never seen a version that has working tabs, working side menu (ideally on right side since having it on left side is a UI fail, being right next to the back arrow) and that doesn’t break the history.

For someone who fully understands the ionic framework, I think it would take ten minutes to pump out a version of this on the ionic seed project, but for right now, that is not the top priority.

If you find a version that works, please let me know! and I will do likewise.