Ion-side-menu with local navigation histories

Hello there !

I’d like to have a side menu that acts as a ion-tabs.
Or, in other words, i want a side menu with N entries, each entries having a seperate navigation history.

For example let’s say my structure is :

  • profile
  • home
  • edit
    • confirm
  • legals
  • my content
  • page 1
    • page 1-1
    • page 1-2
  • page 2

I want distinct navigation histories between “profile” and “My content”.
ion-tab manages this perfectly, but i don’t want tabs.

I’m a bit new to ionic so i probably ignore some neat solution, meanwhile i created an ion-tab and hid it.
I put an ion-side-menu that navigates to the states of my ion-tab and that almost does the trick.

Except that navigation is messed up as soon as i go to a new “tab” content.
When loading the app, i’m on “profile”, everything works fine, but when i go to “my content”, when going on “page 1” instead of displaying the back button, it loads the page as if it were the root level. if i then navigate to “page 1-1” back button appears, if i click on it, i go back to “Page 1” with no back button to go back to “My content”. If i click on “My content” on side menu, back button appears and it brings me back to “Page 1-1”.
If i display the tabs and use them to navigate, it works fine.
The difference is that tabs uses “href” for links, but in my side menu i need to call a controller’s method that does a “$state.go(‘tab.mystate’)”. AFAIK it should have the same behavior right…?

TL;DR : navigation history is messed up if i try to mimic ion-tab with ion-side-menu (using the tab’s states), how can i get correct distinct navigation histories with ion-side-menu ?

Have a good day = )