Tabs Bug [CodePen + Repo Steps Included]

Code Pen:


On line 37 of the HTML i am specifying that I want to navigate to #/profile/1 when i click the profile tab…

<ion-tab title="Profile" icon="ion-person" ui-sref="tabs.profile({profileId:1})">

The Bug:

  1. From the home page click the profile tab and view that you are now on profile 1
  2. Click the home tab
  3. Click the profile tab and view that it still takes you to profile 1
  4. Click the home tab
  5. Click the button on the home page that says profile 2
  6. Click the home tab
  7. Click the profile tab

You will now see that you are on profile 2. And there is no back button. So ionic now believes profile 2 is the root for the profile tab.

Desired result when profile 2 link is clicked:

  1. Navigate to profile 2 page
  2. Home tab remains active tab
  3. Back button displays that can take you back to home page
  4. Slide to go back can take you back to home page

Thought I’d bump this since it’s already off the first page.

Anyone out there who can help me?