Move back between tabs or integrating view to dynamic parent for a view


I am developing an ionic app based on tabs template. I understand how it works with history (independent history for each tab) but I need to solve the problem when you move from one tab to another but still want to stay in a flow of first tab.

Lets say you have list of posts at the first tab and list of people in the second tab:
First tab: “List of Posts” -> “Single post” -> "About author"
Second tab: “List of Authors” -> "About author"
Third tab: “List of Books” -> “Book” -> “About author”

Expected behavior:
when you come to “About author” from “Single post” back button should take you to “Single post”, first tab remain active all the time;
when you come to “About author” form “List of Authors” back button should take you to “List of authors”, second tab stays active all the time;
same for “List of Books”.

In all cases “About Author” is the same page.

The rest of behavior should be exactly as it is by default: like when you move between “List of Posts” and “List of Authors” no back button should be shown and so on.

Any ideas on how can i implement it?

Thank you!