Tabs And Navigation: Nightly - how to add an ion-slide-box wrapper?

So I’m using the amazing Nightly example by @mhartington and running in to an issue of implementing ion-slide-box.

It’s fine to add the ion-slide-box within the templates but I also want to be able to swipe between tabs, i.e.:

So it should have everything with the Nightly example but also allowing me to swipe between each of the parent templates (Home, About and Contact) whilst still retaining the inner view navigation (Home->Scientific Facts).

Essentially, I’m wondering how I can wrap those main bits of tabbed navigation in a slide box? Is there any Plunkr or example that someone is aware of that achieves all of this?

Edit: If I didn’t explain well enough, this is what I’m looking to achieve but to also include the inner navigation (with back button etc.) like in the Nightly example.


i think this is not possible for now.

Tabs are not “slide”-able.
But you can add a slidebox and put an own “pager” above.
Like a list of buttons --> if you click one you can use$ionicSlideBoxDelegate/ methods to slide to the clicked slide.

But slidebox are not meant to hold complex navigation structures like tabs does.

@bengtler Thanks so much! That will work for now :slight_smile:

how to use into ionic2?