Change Tabs template into slidebox

Alright so Im pretty new and ive been messing around with this for a while. I really like the feel of ionic so I am happy that I found it. Its a lot cleaner than most frameworks. But I am really not used to the style of developing and I have been trying to change the tabs template that I generated into essentially the same thing but without the tabs and with slide function instead. Essentially im trying to implement slideboxes with content and Want to learn where to put all the js code in the proper files (app.js, controller.js etc). I could code it inline but I feel like thats poor practice and theres a reason why people dont do it. So any help would be awesome.

Also with slide-boxes, is there anything that goes into the app.js file? I think one of my issues is I am treating slide-boxes like tabs where each state is its own state