Ion-slide-box broken? Using Nightly


Hi all,

My project I recently moved from beta 13 to nightly, and now the slides don’t seem to auto play (even with the options enabled)

I also don’t see the slider pager.

Is it broken? Here’s a codepen with the simple documentation snippet embedded in the nightly codepen “signin then tabs” which is similar to my setup:

Also, I’ve found through this transition to the nightly that some things have changed and/or been renamed. Where’s the best place to keep up to date on these updates?



Hello @slikk66,

What you’re looking for is this :

the new doc, as you can see from the url is : (plus the changelog in every build)

Have a good read!


Thanks so much! I’ll keep checking the nightly docs.

I’ve updated the pen with the new flags and yes it’s working. Does appear that the pager has vanished, but that’s not a big deal… I assume the reason is to let you create your own.


Hi @WidawskiJ - I have been using the slide box on the nightly and it worked well until a few days ago. On the nightly #877 and now on #885, it seems to misbehave.

  1. I need to add a style=“height:100%” attribute to to make it work.
  2. The slides don’t seem to scroll properly and even though I have 3 s inside the slide-box, I get 4 dots on the pager.
  3. Is there a way to style the ? My slides have a dark background, so the black pager dots are hardly visible, I would like to change the color to white.

The new nightlies seem to be great. I am excited about the perf improvements with the scrolling updates to JS that are planned.


It seems the issue was with the ionic-slide-pager. In the current nightlies, the pager shows up even if you remove the tag, and if you do include the tag, it assumes its another slide and the leads to all the problems above.


We recently revert the slide-box back to the beta 13 version.
The newer one wasn’t ready and still needs a lot of work.

So in the current version, there’s no need to include ion-slide-pager.
You can add/remove the page by the attributes


Thank you. Figured that the slider-pager has been removed. Great work on the beta#14. Waiting for the RC!