Tab transition and scroll very slow

I run my app for the first time on my device which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with Android 4.0.3.
I’m a bit disapointed because all is very slow on it, when I tap on a tab, it takes about 3 seconds to make the transition (I don’t have transition animation, it’s a simple switch between my views).
The scroll and the subview transitions are very slow too.
I’m using ionic nightly, any idea ?

EDIT : I just tested on a Nexus 5, it’s really great ! On a Samsung Galaxy S2 it’s fine too, but unfortunatly, the application targets the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2… :confused:


My app is a bit slow (not as bad as that) on iPhone 4 and 4s. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to optimize for every device.


How much content do you have? Are you cleaning up listeners after state changes? Can you use bind-once to reduce/kill watches?

Hi Calendee, thank you for your answer.
I set up bind-once which reduces the bindings, but the performances are quite the same.
Is there a way to “pause” a view when I switch to another view like the Activities in native Android Java ? Because this is totally unperformant to rebuild the entire view each time I have to go back to it.

My case is quite simple, I have a list view with ~200 items (http://myApp/items) and if I click on one of them, I go to the detail view (http://myApp/items/3 for example), but when I come back to the list view, it rebuilds the entire thing…

I think it’s on the todo list.

You might try Crosswalk (see other threads on this forum), which ís said to improve overall perfomance on Android < 4.4

Right now, Ionic doesn’t do view caching. It is planned, but there is no specific release date.


@Calendee Currently I am using a very simple static 3 different tabs with no event on those element. However it is very slow on each tab transition and looking upon the above it seems the entire page is getting rebuilt on each tab transition (not sure if the reloaded).

Any suggestion to prevent it and improve the performance?


Tab transitions are generally pretty quick. You’d have to setup a sample to show the problem. You might also want to include more details such as :

  • desktop browser or app on device
  • device version
  • device model
  • ionic version

I’m not qualified to solve any performance issue; so, if there is a performance issue, you’d need to open a ticket on GitHub.

I started building an simple manage/orders app for a client with a dozen tablets (the same: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 - Android 4.0.3) and I’m experiencing the same issue.

Transitions are too slow. Even in the release apk (without the debug stuff).
I’ll search for Crosswalk and will post back here my finds.

any news? Same problems here with Android 4.4. Modal animations and transitions are very slow.

Cached views are in Beta 14! Check this out.