Painfully Slow Transitions On Android 4.4

So I compiled my application for Android 4.4. Most things work pretty well, except transitioning from a “list” to a “detail page” is a very slow transition.

Is there anything I can do to speed this up? Do I need to compile a certain way?

It depends how many entries are in your list.

If you use ng-repeat there -> try to use collection-repeat.

I´m facing the same issue

collection-repeat with ~ 500 entries ( messages ). Going to the detail page of a message is terrible slow on a Nexus 4 with Android 4.4.

I m using 1.0.0-beta.13


I am only facing this by going back from the detail to the list view.


Same here, back is slow too

Are you keeping scrollposition or storing the previous loaded data in a service?


The service retrieves data from a database and returns just a promise

Hm okay. i am storing the previous requested data so i do not need to send the requests again.

How do you implemented the views/states.
if the detail view a completly new state, substate or what?

 .state('tab.message', {
                        url: '/message',
                        views: {
                            'tab-message': {
                                templateUrl: 'templates/message/tab-message.html',
                                controller: 'MessageController'
                            'tab-message-menu': {
                                templateUrl: 'templates/message/tab-message-menu.html',
                                controller: 'MessageSideMenuController'
                    .state('tab.message-detail', {
                        url: '/message/:id',
                        views: {
                            'tab-message': {
                                templateUrl: 'templates/message/tab-message-detail.html',
                                controller: 'MessageDetailController'
                            'tab-message-menu': {
                                templateUrl: 'templates/message/tab-message-menu.html',
                                controller: 'MessageSideMenuController'

could you paste your templates?

Are they really tabs?
Could you inspect your dom while the transition keeps on loading.
Maybe list is always stored in the dom. -> that would be a problem

Just for testing i switched the ionic version to beta 6 ( because i created an app , which worked really well ) and the transitions between the states are much faster

Did the ionic-team changed something deeply for template-caching, transition handling in the last versions?

i dont know,
can you try beta 11 is faster on my device

Not that I recall. Just a heads up, we have a wip-nav branch being worked on right now, should be in the next beta.

This should fix any navigation problems people have.


Do you have a time frame on that beta being pushed out?

We are seeing the same thing – everything is terribly slow on 4.4, but works okay on 4.2. I’ve tested this in both Genymotion and on real devices. I’ve set hardwareAccelerated="false" in AndroidManifest.xml and it works great now on 4.4 and 4.2.

We’ve started using Ionic just a week ago, so I can’t compare it to the previous betas. if you need more info, let me know.

i am facing the same. no matter if i turn on the hardwareAccelerated or not. transitions to detailpage and back a terrible slow. actually with ng-repeat but only with 20 entries. complex entries so the dom for those is big

This wip-nav branch sounds very interesting! Do you have any indication of an ETA for the next beta with this included? :slight_smile:

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Not at the moment, the team is spread across the globe right now, with some in Europe for ng-Europe, and then this week me and ben will be in SF for phonegap day.

Facing the same thing here while transitioning to a detail view for an item list. I set hardware acceleration to false and things sped up considerably though long term it would be nice to not have to disable this. Currently using android 4.3.

Will be excited to take advantage of any beta releases that help speed up these transitions :smile:

Hope all goes well at the conferences!