Tab Navigation issue [Only on Android]

I have 2 ion-tabs on my homepage like this:

After Clicking on New Game <- Pushes the page on top of the nav

This is what happens; as you can see, the android ion-tabs disappear & I have no way of returning back to the previous page

this is the “New Game” button code:
> goToNewGame() {
> this.nav.push(NewGamePage, {gamesPage: this});
> }

I have the same issue

Psst, I was able to get it fixed by adding something to the config in @App()

This is my app & config atm.

  template: '<ion-nav swipe-back-enabled="true" [root]="rootPage"></ion-nav>',
  config: {
    tabbarPlacement: 'bottom',
    platforms: {
      android: {
        pageTransitionDelay: 0 // No More Page Transition Delays
      ios: {
        pageTransitionDelay: 0,
        tabSubPages: true // Allows for navigation through Tab Pages

Maybe this can help you.

What specifically did you add to the Config to make the tabs not disappear on android? I’m having a issue with my navbar disappearing on Android after I configured it to be on the bottom with tabbarPlacement: ‘bottom’.