Persistent Tabs

So I have a simple app setup that has tabs and a sidemenu, I based it off the conference starter template. When the app first loads it works fine, I can navigate tabs, open the sidemenu etc. But when I click on a link in the sidemenu the tabs are lost. I figure this has to do with the setRoot function for nav but if I do nav.push the tabs are lost as well.

Is there not a way to make the tabs persist throughout the app, where clicking a link in the sidemenu navigates to the correct tab and/or subpage of a tab?

This seems to only be on Android, I re-looked at the conference app and the images and samples on the github show that iOS keeps the tabs at the bottom no matter the page. Is this not possible for Android then?

Did you find a solution to this? I have an ionic 1 app where on both android and ios, the tabs always stay visible as you navigate through the view stack, then when you click the current tab itself, it jumps back to the root of the stack.

Can’t seem to work this out in ionic 2!

You can set the tabs to always show on Android child pages using the tabSubPages option in the config. Some usage:

  templateUrl: 'build/app.html',
  config: {
    platforms: {
      android: {
        tabSubPages: false

I have an open issue to improve the documentation behind this here:

Hi :slight_smile: In my app I have two tabs and I need to have just one of them in the child pages and second not. Is there any way how can i do it? Thank you