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I have been developing a pwa app using the stencil starter.
After updating to the latest stencil/core v0.18.1 my app generates ok using “npm start”, however, sometimes the above error appears when the menu loads and sometimes when trying to load the an item from the menu for the first time. The items will no longer load from the menu.

Quite often something will go a bit strange and I have found stopping the dev server and regenerating the app will fix the problem. This one seems to be a bit stubborn.

I know it is early days for stencil, but I was wondering if any one has come across this problem and if a solution was found.

Thanks Hilton.


I didn’t but could you share code? Also maybe you should give a try to ask your question on the Slack channel you might get more feedbacks


Hi reedrichards,

Thank you for your quick reply. Over the last couple of years I have been very unproductive due to the constant changes from v2 to v3 to v4 with stencil etc., that I have decided to go back to my previous development environment to try to get something done. I’ll give the Ionic stuff a rest for a while and hopefully, when and if I return things will have settled down a bit.

I must say that I have enjoyed playing with Stencil.

Anyway, thanks again.


I’m not sure I understand how your issue is related to the msg you just posted…

Anyway, if you are facing an issue, like I said above

  1. Showcase code, that would help to find the problem
  2. Try the Stencil slack channel if it’s a Stencil issue

Did anyone find a solution to this? My code is fine because when i Use a version below 0.18.1 it works fine


I would say stick to below 0.18.1 aka to 0.18.0 for the time being. I think there are some issues with 0.18.1 which will be solved with Stencil One, at least it is what I understood

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That’s exactly what I did. Thanks

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