Problem with <ion-nav>

Hi to everyone, these are my stencil and ionic version

"dependencies": {
    "@ionic/core": "one"
  "devDependencies": {
    "@stencil/core": "1.0.0-beta.8"

I’m trying to use the <ion-menu> inside a <ion-split-pane> like in a ionic app, this is my code (this is the original repo of this code ):


render() {
    return (
        <ion-router useHash={false}>
          <ion-route url="/" component="app-home" />
          <ion-route url="/profile/:name" component="app-profile" />

        <ion-split-pane when="lg">
          <ion-menu side="start">
              <ion-toolbar color="primary" />

            <ion-content forceOverscroll={false}>
                <ion-menu-toggle autoHide={false}>
                  <ion-item href="/">
                    <ion-icon slot="start" name="home" />

                <ion-menu-toggle autoHide={false}>
                  <ion-item href="/profile/piero">
                    <ion-icon slot="start" name="person" />
          <ion-nav main />

The problem is that <ion-nav main /> gives me this error:

And without “main” the split pane don’t work properly

This is the expected behaviour

How is it possible to fix this? I don’t get how to use properly the ion menu inside a split pane…
Thank you so much