Stencil starter "ionic-pwa" is no longer available?

I used to develop ionic app using stencil. I could select ionic pwa starter when create a new project with “npm init stencil”.

However, it seems the ionic-pwa starter template is longer available in the current version of “create-stencil”?

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It seems the ionic-pwa starter is only available in stencil cli v1.

Workaround to create ionic project with stencil seems to be:

npx -p create-stencil@1 create-stencil

(Edit: but the resulting project cannot be started, got typescript error related JSX Element)

I’ve created a starter template configured with the current version of ionic (v6.1.14) and @stencil/core (v2.17.3) with tabs layout and routes.

Wish the stencil team can add this as an option when running npm init stencil.

Currently we have two options: “component” and “app”, this starter may be added as an option called “ionic-app”.

I’ve submitted the proposal here: Add ionic app as one of the stencil starter template · Issue #2 · stencil-community/proposals · GitHub


that would be very interesting to have a starter template

Btw, you’ve got an answer on Github

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The community is accepting this proposal once minor error is resolved, I’m going to mark this thread as resolved

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