Sync multiple data sources, best practices

Hi everyone!, I have a group question. I’m developing an app that has social login, real time lists, and persistent db objects. Which technology do you recommend to manage al three cases in the easiest way?. By the way, My concert by now is to use (for example) firebase for social login/realtime and api rest/graphql for database persisten info. My doubt is how to link both services, manage users, link objects to users, etc…) Thanks in advance.

I still recommend firebase. What are your doubts about?

hi, @davidpv

download and check below example for social login:


My doubts are about syncing persistent data that depends of users and firebase social login. Should I use firebase only for social login and have user info a user-related data in a persistent DB?, Is that the best approach?

Firestore supports offline data persistence.

thanks I’ll take a look.

This tutorial might be helpful:

Thanks for the info. !!