Swipe to delete/edit/share closes automatically

I have tried to create the swipe to delete or edit on my lists and I can get it to display, but I can not get it to stay. When I let go to click on something, it automatically closes.

I have used the following as reference:

Is anyone else experiencing this issue. I do not have a plunker to mimic it (Figured the two above links show what I am going for, I use the same code) But here is the page that has the issue:

Thank you,

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That bower release you are using has a bug. It’s version 0.9.26.

This issue was fixed in the nightlies about 2 weeks ago.

@Calendee I change it to the nightiles version, but the nav bar title doesn’t work.

<ion-view title="title" left-buttons="leftButtons" right-buttons="rightButtons" hide-back-button="true">
$scope.title = "Home";

The navbar shows 'title' text.

@Calendee Oh, I have found the answer in (Solved) Change in View Title?