Side Menu with List view (optionButtons edit share - not working)

I have a plunker demo with Side menu and a List view but the optionButtons (edit and share) not working.
Where is my false?

a plunker demo


Thanks for setting up the sample, but it doesn’t seem to run really. All I see is a header bar. Can you check it and repost?

Actually, I just forked it and set the default route to /customers so the list view loads.

You are correct, the list items aren’t working right. When you drag open the item and let go, it springs back.

The 0.9.25 release works fine:

NOTE : This happens on the nightlies:

and it fails on 0.9.26:

GitHub Issue:

incredibly fast response!!!

thanks Calendee.

i discovered that bug too, yesterday… but i didn’t know if it was a know incompatibility with the sidebar…
i should use more

@dimitrisplus @krur

This is fixed already! How’s that for a fast turn-around? Thanks @adam

Working Example with the Nightlies:

Github Issue 701 :

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I also just updated this codepen to use the nightly until the next version comes out:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Incredibly fast response to resolve issues.
Great framework, great job, greate forum.

thanks again