Swipe gestures on a sweapable list

Hello everyone.

I have made a sweapable list according this http://ionicframework.com/docs/api/directive/ionList/. In this list, if you swipe left you obtain several options buttons. So this kind of list have implemented the swipe-left event by default.

On each of the list (implemented with ng-repeat) I have added a listener gesture for swipe left and right. You can see:
<ion-item on-swipe-left=“onGesture(‘left’,$index, item)” on-swipe-right=“onGesture(‘right’,$index, item)”.
This is because I want to hide a toggle which have every item of the list.

There are times that works ok but It is doing weird things. I think is because it already fires an on-swipe-left event by default so could be problems with another swipe-left event. My question is:

Could I add event gestures on a list which already have event listeners?
Could I modify the way of Ionic does when swipe-left a sweapable list made as I did?