Swipe List Left to Right + ionic angular

I am currently new to ionic framework. I have a list view wherein the user should be able to swipe left - right and right to left.

I can swipe the list item from right to left.

Is there a way to swipe the list element from left to right?

<ion-list >
      <ion-item class="item-icon-right " ng-repeat="alarm in alarmList| filter: alarmName" type="item-text-wrap"  on-swipe-right="swipeRight()" on-swipe-left="acknoledge()" can-swipe="true">


I am able to capture the event using on-swipe-right, but the list element animation does not work.

you can fake that animation.
the original swipe-list only toggles classes on the listelement:

so you can create an own class with lest-right editing.

but you have to know, that is a non-usual behavior.
On iOS you have the swipe-back functionality with iOS8 and nobody knows that usage from native apps.