SVG problem in IonicView on iOS

Some of svg files not showing in IonicView app on iOS, but on Android is fine - is it a bug?

It crashes the app for me on iPhone 5s iOS 8 somehow… something with webcore SVGAnimatedNumberAnimator::calculateAnimatedValue

I don’t use animated svg - in my app on ios it doesn’t show any svg’s)))

This is happening for me too, did you get anywhere with it? Specifically, I’m trying out collection-repeat, and it’s crashing on iOS with this error you mentioned.

I actually found it was related to the ion-spinner when used in conjuction with the collection-repeat. I don’t have a solution, other than don’t use both of them on the same page. Very odd.

Ok!! I was using ng-show for an SVG spinner. iOS didn’t like that, and threw an error. So I used ng-if, and the problem is gone.

It makes sense, because the SVG animation is still technically going even if ng-show is false. It’s still in memory. ng-if, removes it from the DOM, thus no processing required.