Ionic View SVG/CSS Bug

I have an inline SVG that works great in Chrome, in the iOS Simulator, and on an actual device.

But, when uploaded to Ionic View, it appears that some of the CSS is not getting applied properly. Its only in Ionic View that the bug appears, and I have no way of debugging.

How does Ionic View handle embedding SVG? Does CSS for SVG have to be setup differently in order to function in Ionic View?

Currently, the SVG is inline (using the svg element, not using img, not using CSS background, not using object, and also not referencing the SVG code in a separate file), and the CSS is coming from the compiled file.

I’ve experimented with moving the SVG markup to a separate file, using an object element to embed, etc. It seems silly to have to make any change to get it to work in View when it works everywhere else.

A few days later, and this appears to have resolved itself. Did team Ionic take a look at Ionic View and fix? Thanks guys!