Capacitor-Google Maps issue on Android

Hello everyone! I’m moving from the Google Maps Capacitor Community plugin to the now official one.
Everything is working as intended on the web view when I launch the web server but on Android I’m having issues. The sidemenu opens like always, but im unable to click on the elements that overlap the map. Same if I try to put an ion-button on top of the map, is shows but its unclikable. All this issues as I said are only happening on Android. Any ideas?

If you can reproduce this in a small repo you should open an issue in the plugin’s repo

Just in case anyone here can help, ill leave the repo here. GitHub - notseih/pruebaMap
Remember to change the API Key on the enviroments/enviroment.ts aswell on the androidmanifest.xml to make it work. I will be posting this aswell on the plugin’s repo an issue too. Thanks!

Im bumping with the github issue to see if anyone know a workarround to fix this. Capacitor-Google Maps issue on Android · Issue #953 · ionic-team/capacitor-plugins · GitHub