Super template with Visual Studio 2017


I am having trouble getting the super template working in Visual Studio. After importing the project to VS and building, I constantly get error ‘DEP10402: Could not locate the start page. You may need to build your project.’

Any idea how I can resolve this? Starting an ionic project with one of the 3 templates (blank, side menu, tabs) in VS works fine, but I would really like to start with the super template.


@Mata8 For this i have no experience, but as you know Ionic is bundled with dozens of linux core libraries. That is generally not the field of Visual Studio. Maybe you can try Atom, with all plugins needed?

@FrancoisIonic Thanks for the reply! Do ionic developers generally use Atom? The ionic Getting Started page specifically suggests using Visual Studio for Windows developers.

@Mata8 That I don’t know, i work in general with Atom and I love it because in general i’m not doing much in front-end php (just touching what i dislike) (and by the way i’m quite good in Ionic now)… Still, my freelance hiree is in PhpStorm, and I use a lot of of cloud gui now (stuff simpliier than MRTG, etc).

Excuse me, but: What?

How does the built in support for these templates lool like in VS? Is there anything you have to install additionally? Seems like this is somehow configure inside there and doesn’t know about the ‘starter’ template.

Hi @Sujan12 ,

With VS, I had to install the ionic 2 templates from here:

As you can see, that does not include the super started template which I would like to use. So, I instead use the terminal to make a local copy of the super starter template, and then I import that project to VS. VS will make some modifications to make the project accessible in the IDE however, I am constantly presented with the error I mentioned in the original post.

You should ask the Microsoft guys to get this implemented. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a Github repo for this project to open an issue.

If you download the extension via the link you posted, you can unpack that after renaming it to .zip. Then inside you find a \ProjectTemplates\TypeScript\Mobile%20Apps\ folder. That has the current templates, maybe you can add the super start yourself here? You should be able to re-zip the folder, rename it and install in Visual Studio.

Great idea! Unfortunately, I did not have any luck getting it to work like that. I might just have to wait until Microsoft decides to add it in themselves.

Hm yeah, there seem to be other files referencing the file names etc… Searching all files for sidemenue shows them. I have no idea how to udpated those - not very practical by hand.

You’ll have to find a way to contact the author(s)…

Visual Studio also has a “export template wizard” plugin that lets you make a template from a project. Have you tried downloading super template, opening it as a regular project and export to a template via that plugin?

Sorry if that is what you already tried in your original post - I don’t use VS. I thought this was for VS-Code so I too, like Sujan downloaded the .vsix and unzipped it to look at what it takes to create on on my own - but then realized its only for VS (not VS-Code) so I lost interest :-p

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@Sujan12 Ya I did a lot of fiddling with it and finally got it to show up as one of the templates. However, after building the project and running, I get a page that says I have to install NPM Task Runner (which I already have installed and even re-installed). Other templates work fine but couldn’t get this one to work. Got tired of wasting my time on it so I’ll probably just start off with one of the working templates.

Tried via export template but had no luck with this either. Going to go with the VS-Code route. Thanks!