Subscription / in-app purchase processing platform compatible with Capacitor / Ionic

I’ve read lots of comments about what a chore in can be to handle subscriptions and in-app purchases so I’m looking for a subscription processing platform.

So far the platforms I’ve found that are compatible with Capacitor and Ionic are RevenueCat and Glassfy. Glassfy support tells me their paywall building tool is also compatible with Capacitor (RevenueCat’s isn’t as of now) so I’m leaning towards that.

If anyone has experience using those or other platforms with Ionic please share. (Apologies if this is technically off-topic, I can’t think of a more appropriate place to post it.)

I’m a happy RevenueCat customer! They just changed their pricing structure so everything is included in a single plan. I haven’t done a feature comparison, but it does seem RevenueCat offers more?

Their support has been great when I’ve had to contact them. RevenueCat is a US company vs. Glassfy is out of the UK if that matters.

I would like to use RevenueCat, I’m just not sure how I’d go about implementing a paywall with them in Ionic / Capacitor. Can I ask what you’ve been doing for that? Are you using a custom paywall, and are you able to plug in localized prices into it from Revenue Cat?

Yeah, we’re using a custom paywall. In regards to prices, they are pulled from the app store so they should be localized. Prices shouldn’t be hardcoded in the app but pulled dynamically (RevenueCat provides the data through the SDK).

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