IN APP Purchase with capacitor and react

I am working with one of the applications in capacitor and react,
and I need to integrate the in app purchase for ios and Android but till now I haven’t found any documentation to integrate the in app purchase with react and capacitor.

I have followed multiple links and plugin

But I haven’t found any success with react and capacitor

First, you need to decide what platform you are going to use. I am aware of three.

I personally use RevenueCat. I started with Fovea but then switched. RevenueCat offers a Capacitor plugin, has great support, and has a wide range of features.

Was fovea not continued because of some limitations if there are any can please let me know ?


Not sure. I started using Fovea (just the Cordova plugin, not the Iaptic service) on v10 or v11 but ran into issues on iOS. v13 is out now and there seems to be active development. My deciding factor of switching to RevenueCat was having support and an entire company behind it and not having to worry about the backend (I originally developed our own backend to handle receipts/webhooks/etc.). RevenueCat was also easier/more straightforward to implement.

And what framework or library you used with capacitor ?


Ionic / Vue / TailwindCSS