Stuck on splashscreen IOS


I have a problem with the launch of my app on ios. I created an application which work when I use ionic serve but when I try to compile application for ios, everytime the application stucks on splashscreen. I try to call the Splashcreen.hide() but the application never arrive to this part of the code. Do you have an idea of what can be the problem ?

Thanks by advance

Does anybody have information to correct this issue ?

Hi, did you find the solution for this problem?, i’m in the same situation.

Hi, I do have the same problem but only after resuming the app.

@ThibaultLap: Make sure that the phone and the server from where you run ionic serve operate on the same network.

For the part of resuming the app - I would be very glad to get some help on this, since I dont even know where to start debugging (besides Safari Dev-Tools) which just shows “about:blank”.