Stuck in Ionic getting started tutorial

At the bottom of this page, all is working well and I see my app in ionic serve:

But when I get to the next chapter and add this:

angular.module(‘todo’, [‘ionic’])

.controller(‘TodoCtrl’, function($scope) {
$scope.tasks = [
{ title: ‘Collect coins’ },
{ title: ‘Eat mushrooms’ },
{ title: ‘Get high enough to grab the flag’ },
{ title: ‘Find the Princess’ }

… then the app is unstyled and there is no sliding animation. I’ve built this three times and get stuck in the same place every time.

Is there a step missing from the online tut? Thanks!

Hmm, I’ll look at the demo and see whats up, but for the time being you can take a look at this demo I have,

I was about to cut/paste my code, but when I followed step 5 to copy/paste – it worked! Don’t know what happened.

Hi hartington is this demo exactly result from ionic tutorial? or you have bit modification on it?

Should be the same as the ionic tutorial. I just updated some of the structure

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sweet…thanks hartington :smile: