Follow Tutorial Ionic Book and have an error

Hi all, i just learn ionic and follow step of tutorial how to build Todo and get this error when I emulate it




Anyone can help? I just follow exactly the book, what i missed here, thanks for respond

dyo :slight_smile:

Would be better if you can put your code up on codepen or something, people can help faster that way.

thanks dayaki thanks for your reply, actually that was my error, i just forget to delete, code in app.js that carrying when i create ionic start todo blank, so when i replaced them with the syntax from the book, it was run successfully :smile:

hi dayaki actually when i goes into next lesson in Creating Task with this command:

In order to trigger the Modal to open, we need a button in the main header
bar and some code to open the modal, the center content then becomes:
{% raw %}


what is this mean ? : {% raw %}

and after that when we add controller in app.js
angular.module(‘todo’, [‘ionic’]) .controller(‘TodoCtrl’, function($scope, $ionicModal) {
// No need for testing data anymore $scope.tasks = [];
// Create and load the Modal
$ionicModal.fromTemplateUrl(‘new-task.html’, function(modal) {
$scope.taskModal = modal; }, {
scope: $scope, animation: ‘slide-in-up’ });
how about previous syntax we were write here, we replace them or we add as new syntax below them?
both action bring me an error, do you have any idea?