Storing data locally for both android and ios?



I am building an app which is for both android and ios. I need information about storing data locally for both the platforms and it will be good if its a common database. As per the reviews, localStorage does not seem to be good. Or just need information on best way of handling data storage locally??


that depends on the data size.
If you have a lot of data, then I recommend you to use the Cordova Sqlite Plugin With that you have then a database.

If you have just meta data, then you can also use and in combination.

If you have to crypt data, because of sensible data. For that exists also from the litehelpers a plugin:

Finally I don’t recommend the the local storage without the sqlite plugin. :wink:
But well that is purely a matter of taste, I love to work with the plugin.

Hope that helps you.


So this can be used for both ios and android is it?


yes also for Windows/MacOS if you want.


Thats great. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


You can use dataService for locally storage, by using Json.Parse.