Local Database with Ionic app

Hi all,
I am new to Ionic. I want to create an app that saves some data to the device. Because I want the data to be “always” available, local storage is not an option.
In Android native development, I would create a new DataBase object and store my data. I want to do the same, but it needs to work in iOS as well.
I’ve read about Cordova SQLite plugin, does anyone know if it works with both Android and iOS? As far as I know, iOS does not use SQLite in Native DB.

You could use PouchDB. A tutorial on how to use it with ionic is found here:

Yup it works well (Cordova SQLite). I prefer to use localForage with a driver for SQLite. That way you can abstract the interface out and in future replace the driver with something else. See this post where I posted an example of how I use it.

I suspect a lot of people using localStorage on IOS 10 will suddenly notice their data being deleted much more often without notice.