How to use Sqlite as local storage?

Dear Developer,
I have developed a apps with ionic framework. I am using phoneGap Buil for building apps. I want to use sqlite for android, IOS and windows phone as a local storage. I have used plugin but there is nothing happen.But i am till struggling for creating database and table.

Github Link of my project:

If you give an idea for that i will be grateful to you…

Please help any one…

SQLite and LocalStorage are two different things. LocalStorage is simple key/value pair, while SQLite is almost identical to real SQL.
If you want you can check SQLite plugin:
or you can maybe try WebSQL which is SQLite that is included in webview, but i don’t recommend it as it doesn’t work on some devices.

I’ve not had good experiences with PhoneGap Build when it comes to plugins. You should try to build your apps on your local machine.


how to use webSQL in ionic for android, ios, widnows phone? I am using adobe phoneGap build. I am also using windows not mac. For building apps android, ios and windows i am using adobe phoneGap build . I am using Ionic framework for these three platform. I have finished all functionality that was working fine. But when i want to use local database like sqlite, it does not work.

You need to provide more information, what doesn’t work, what plugin are you using…
Anyway this is the wrong place to ask such question, ask on plugin’s github page.

Take look at angular localForage i worked with it and think it’s great!
Hope it helped!

Hi you can check out the Quizionic App template available here:, that illustrates the way to put a pre-populated database in device.

See this project:

Regards, Nicholls