Storage space : Capacitor vs Ionic Storage Plugin?

Currently using Capacitor Plugin for storage. Users run out of space fairly quickly, especially when working offline.

  1. is there a way to increase the storage space available for the Capacitor plugin?
  2. which has larger storage space: Capacitor plugin or the Ionic Storage Plugin?
  3. Or do i need to switch to capacitor-sqlite, for instance?

@capacitor/preferences is not meant to store a ton of data. We only use it to store the user’s API key and some basic preferences. I tried finding limits for Android’s SharedPreferences but didn’t find anything specific.

We use @ionic/storage for caching all other app data/content. As of right now we are storing probably 1-2 MB of data across 21 keys. We haven’t run into any issues. We store the values as encoded JSON. For some reason, it doesn’t like raw JSON.

I would probably reach for SQLite if you are going to be doing a ton of reads/writes and storing a lot of data (which sounds like it might be your case?).