Ionic side menu ui-sref

I am using ionic side menu. Inside I am using p tag which has ui-sref=“newpage”. I am able to goto the particular page but phone back button is not working on the newpage and I am not able to go back. Kindly help

I have the same issue as well. Although I’m using anchor tags

It seems the page is only added to history when transitioned to from an other view. In my case the side-menu is global but I’m guessing it resets the history stack and loads the selected view in the ion-nav-view.
That’s why we don’t have the back feature (hardware back button doesnt work and the ion-nav-button-back doesnt appear)

is there any solution???

I just removed the menu-close attribute from the side-menu, and the back feature worked again

It’s a bit ugly to have it open while changing pages

Depends actually on what you need the side-menu for

As I predicted

Taken from the ion sideMenu implementation

  • @description
  • menu-close is an attribute directive that closes a currently opened side menu.
  • Note that by default, navigation transitions will not animate between views when
  • the menu is open. Additionally, this directive will reset the entering view’s
  • history stack, making the new page the root of the history stack. This is done
  • to replicate the user experience seen in most side menu implementations