Transition animations and side menu navigtion

Hi All,

I’m trying to make use of the Side Menu directive in my project. I made a fork of the Ionic codepen example to get started but a few things remain unclear e.g. how to make transition animations work properly as they seem to flicker on view changes. I also intend to have a view state e.g ‘login’ that isn’t part of the side menu content. I did get that working on my pc but not on the codepen demo.

Can someone point out what I’m doing wrong please?

Note: a feature I think should make it into the next release is the ability to close the side menu on tapping on the content pane and as well as on navigating to a new view. I kind of achieved that by throwing $scope.sideMenuController.toggleLeft(); into my controllers.

If you want some views with side menus and some without (like your login), you really need to read this:

Any chance you can show us a GIF of video of the flicker you are describing? Keep in mind that if navigating to a link from the side menu you have 2 things happening - the side menu closing and the page navigating. 2 different page wide transitions happening at the same time can be pretty tough. It would help to see the problem so the devs can tackle it.

Questions : Device type and versions. Ionic Version.

Thanks for sharing that post @Calendee, it seemed to solve the transition animation flickers. I would share my findings here shortly. page unavailable.