Stencil-router vs ionic-router

Pardon my ignorance and please consider this as a constructive question.

I’m creating a stencil app with ion components. Having that already exists ion-router and it works with stencil, I’m not really understanding why it appeared stencil-router. Is there any current advantages on using stencil-router vs ionic-router?

I’m little confused on determining which option should I choose on each scenario: mobile app, pwa, web app, integration with ion-tabs, …

I haven’t used stencil-router at all and don’t see much difference.

I have the same question…

I’ve been playing a bit more with both of them and seems that ion-router has native transitions, but stencil-router is more vitaminated. Anyway this is something that can be achieved with a bunch of hours, but not native transitions which seems more tricky.

So in my opinion, ion-router seems a better option for mobile apps.

Exactly what I believe too. Ionic provides for a router only to support nice mobile like animation and transition and is not intended to be extremely feature compared to frameworks

Thank you! After some research I decided to go with ion-router as well.

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