Angular elements or Stencil

Hi everyone,

We have 3 application based on ionic 3 and eagerly waiting for a stable Ionic 4. As the Ionic 4 beta is out, me and my team are pulling our sleeves up for the migration.
Thanks to migration guide i think we could pull this off in couple of weeks
We’ve also planned to migrate our existing custom components to a web component standard stencil component so that we can use some of the components in our older web apps.

now we have a confusion should we go with stencil as everyone is talking about it, because there is already a feature in angular 6 which is angular elements. And also both will do the same thing.

If i could get any pros and cons of stencil vs angular elements that would be great

i’ve searched a a lot but only thing i got is some good articles and pros of stencil and not on angular elements.

Any inputs would be great.