Stencil Been having problems running it on Firefox


Been trying to run stencil on Firefox and/or Chrome for Mac.

Firstly it runs fine when I npm start but then when I do an update on any of the src/*.tsx files I don’t get an update on the webpage.

I try hitting refresh but nothing happens. I stop and re - npm start the app but it shows the original page.

It works fine on Safari though? It re builds and refresh on the webpage. My stencil version is 0.6.1 if that helps.

Does it work in Aurora? Web components and Shadow DOM aren’t scheduled to be on by default until FF 60 or 61. You can turn them on through the dev console, but I don’t know how good the support is when you do that. Safari already supports both web components and Shadow DOM.

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But I thought that was what the polyfills are for? What about Chrome? I thought they were already supporting them. Anyways I can see the webpage on Firefox fine, the problem is when building and reloading a page, it shows the first page you build in the first try and doesn’t show another built page until it wants too. Same thing happens with Chrome but not with Safari. I am currently building the page there. Thank the gods I have a Mac because if that happened on MS Edge I be screwed.

That sounds like a cache issue. Do you still have the problem if you close the browser between builds?

Nah, that fixed it. Thanks mate.