Support for legacy browsers

Hope you are doing well.

I am trying to make my stenciljs library work with internet explorer.
I have followed the stencilj suggestions, by adding buildEs5: true, in stencil.config.ts, along with many extras. My stencil.config.ts looks like this now :

link to documentation: Extras Config - Stencil

export const config: Config = {
  buildEs5: true,
  extras: {
    cssVarsShim: true,
    dynamicImportShim: true,
    shadowDomShim: true,
    safari10: true,
    scriptDataOpts: true,
    appendChildSlotFix: true,
    cloneNodeFix: true,
    slotChildNodesFix: true,

Still, the library is not working with IE.

Anyone out there to help me?

Thanks in advance.

So we do have this bug logged for IE support here

But I would also consider not trying to support IE or any legacy browser.

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