Statusbar briefly flashes blue before app runs

Hello, i am developing an application in which i try to adjust the color of the statusbar in android.

I have managed to set this color to black when the application runs and i have no trouble with switching those colors.

My problem though is whenever i boot the app, the statusbar takes a blue color for about a second or more and then changes to the color i want.

( You can see in the gif : App starts -> Statusbar blue -> Statusbar black + app running. )

Where does this come from ? Can anyone give me directions on how to fix this?

Edit : A snippet of the app.js’s run function where I set the black StatusBar.

if (window.StatusBar) {

      if (ionic.Platform.isAndroid()) {

I’d first check your config.xml for ‘StatusBarColor’ or similar. Then you change it your app.js?

Thanks for the reply. I have no preference set in my config.xml. I had this before but it produces the same result if I would do it in my app.js. That is where I’ve put the color change. I have edited my original question with the code running in my app.js run function.

Did you ever solve this problem? What did you do finally? I have the same issue now.

I haven’t been able to solve it no.

Okay, thanks for replying. I’ll post here if i’m able to find something.

Hi there, still haven’t fixed this issue. Anyone who has solved this yet?

Now working on an app with latest release versions but got the same issue…

First second(s) of opening the app, the color of the status bar is still blue…