Android Status Bar flashes blue on start up before turning into desired color


I’m referring to this exact problem, which never got answered:

I have set status bar color in app.js run function like it should be. However it for some odd reason flashes blue before turning into my desired color which is #333333.

I’m guessing that Ionic run function doesn’t apply it early enough and it picks Android default color for half a second. Where can I change this?

hide your splashscreen manually after you set your statusbar style?


I’m kinda new on these things so could you give me an example so I understand better? Thanks for the reply!

you can hide/show the splashscreen manually:

and there is a plugin to change statusbar on the fly:

So on App-Start change the statusbar settings and hide the splashscreen afterwards

Like this?

$ionicPlatform.ready(function($cordovaSplashscreen, $cordovaStatusbar){ 
if(cordova.platform === 'android'){

yeah. but you should check your config.xml if there are settings, which hides the splashscreen automatically :wink: