How to change the status bar color of the Android app?



I want to change the status bar color of my Android APP. I tried with cordova statusbar but still i am facing the issue.

My Expectation will like

Please helpme to fix this issue.


In your config.xml set this:

<preference name="StatusBarBackgroundColor" value="#000000" />

Where the value is the hex code of the color you want. But keep in mind, that this is applicable only for android 5 and IOS.


I also tried and didn’t succeed, though mhartington gave a solution, but I couldn’t make it work for some reason…maybe you will have better luck… Search the forum for my post and you will see…


Hi @siddhartha, I have tried your fix inside intel xdk…

What i did is add the cordova status bar plugin, and than add the

line inside the android config xml file, but it still didn’t work… do you by any chance use intel xdk and know if it’s supposed to be with the same behavior?

Thanks for your time,


Hi @shaulhadar this post help me to fix the issues. Working fine.