Status of ionic Push notifications service

When do you plan to roll out the ionic push notifications service? @max

Hey there.

Soon, very very soon

But really…we’re still building the service out and slowing wrapping things up on the backend side.

I’ve finished yesterday to implement push notifications with this:

and work very well, but if matters i’ll swithc to yours!

Don’t hate me for the annoying ETA Q. If I am to release an app in, say 20 days or so, with Push being the last thing to implement - should I hold on a bit for Ionic’s, or should I go Pushwoosh? I want to use everything Ionic, so would much prefer to use y’all’s service (plus then finally start paying for the great value you provide).

Or a better question might be this. If I used a separate service (I’m leaning towards either Pushwoosh or a custom server + ngCordova’s PushPlugin), would a migration to Ionic’s service be simple enough? Or should I wait? Sounds like the server+PushPlugin would be more akin to Ionic’s setup?

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I’ve also got the loopback-component-storage installed for a photo upload backend, so I’m wondering if it makes sense to use loopback-component-push as a backend