[SOLVED] Status bar not work well

Hello , I Have problem when trying to make my status bar color same as my header
I’m trying to set :


but the result is :

When i try to remove ionic.Platform.fullScreen();
The result:

Am i missing something?

you can use this:

if (window.cordova && window.StatusBar) {
     ionic.Platform.fullScreen(true, true);

Hey thanks for your help :slight_smile:
I just try that but the result :

is there problem with my ionic.css ?

change the hexa to #387ef5 and check config.xml if there is any splascreen hexa in preference name…

I noticed that status bar text color changed from white to black
but the overlay still exists

can you show me your config.xml?


if you see preference name=“StatusBarOverlaysWebView” value=“true”/>
I just changed it to false
the problem still same

please delete the overlayswebview and backgroundcolor in config and try the one that i suggest in ionicPlatform.ready inside app.js

Done removing ,
Still same :frowning:
this is like white transparent is permanent

will you create again a project and do as we just do and let’s see if this problem exist again…

I just create new project again,
with command

ionic start myNewApp sidemenu

the problem still same :frowning:

I saw the same problem on stackoverflow but not solved

sorry i thought it was on android… I really don’t know what is wrong… cannot test it with myself…

do you have ionic view app ?
please enter my app id :


no i don’t have… there are some bugs in ionic view app…

When i change the color to red:

did you know where’s cordova css location ?
because there’s opacity on my status bar :frowning:

Okay fix this , the problem is from ionic view app
when i build on my mac
the problem is gone
i hope ionic view app will be updated soon and fix the problem with status bar :slight_smile:

glad that you solve this… just a little advice… build and test it in real device… ionic view app has lot of bugs imho…