Split-pane ionic 4 with different side menu components - router question

Hi all,

i would like to use the split pane menu as a router outlet and define different menu in my routing.
For example there would be a search as the default side component, that should be replaced inside the member area where you make changes to your account etc.

I have set up the split-pane inside the app.component.html with 2 outlets.

My routing looks like this:

{ path: 'home', loadChildren: './home/home.module#HomePageModule' },
{ path: 'home', outlet: 'sidebar', component: SideSearchComponent },

I was hoping that the url: http://localhost:8100/home
would match for the main outlet and the sidebar outlet. But the sidebar is empty with this url

If i use the url: http://localhost:8100/home(sidebar:home)
all works fine.

Is there any way to get thsi working without using the (sidebar:home) part in the url?

Greetings Markus

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