Changing the width of the side menu inside split pane component

I want to change the width of my side menu inside the split pane component so it has a fix size because the app it will only run on the desktop browser. I try to implement the --width property in the variable.scss. If anywant can help me, it is ionic 4 with the side menu in the app.component.html file

try to play with min-width and max-width on the ion-menu of the ion-split-pane, maybe that could work

like for md platform (I just tested to style in a browser not trying in my app)

ion-split-pane.split-pane-md.split-pane-visible>ion-menu.split-pane-side {
     min-width: 500px;
     max-width: 550px;
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.split-pane-md.split-pane-visible>.split-pane-side {
    min-width: 77px;
    max-width: 4%;
    border-right: var(--border);
    border-left: 0;
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