Split pane side menu blank when moved to seperate component

Migrated my menu in the split pane into a separate component but now its blank. If I remove the wrapper its at least visible but doesnt work correctly.

There are no console errors. The menu is blank and I can toggle the button once to display it.

<ion-app *ngIf="!user">
  <ion-router-outlet id="main-content"></ion-router-outlet>
<ion-app *ngIf="user">
  <ion-split-pane contentId="main-content">
    <ion-router-outlet id="main-content"></ion-router-outlet>
<ion-menu contentId="main-content" class="main-menu">
      <ion-img src="assets/images/logo-menu.png"></ion-img>
    <ion-menu-toggle *ngFor="let page of navigate" auto-hide="false">
      <ion-item [routerLink]="page.url" routerDirection="forward" [class.active-menu]="activePath === page.url">
          <ion-icon [name]="page.icon" slot="start" color="#EBF8FF"></ion-icon>

Any ideas?