Sometimes I just need a big red button


I’m working on a kiosk application using ionic and I’m wondering what the best way to create a starting button on the main screen would be.

It just needs to be big, centered and preferably either square or circular.
On the landing page it should really be the only thing visible.

Wondering what the best way to do this would be.
Is there a class that does something like this already?



Your question is a bit broad, but this tutorial might get you close to what you want:

Adding a single element in a 100% height container then using the ‘align-items’ property of flexbox should be an easy way to vertically and horizontally center your button. You could use an image as the button or even just modify the default Ionic buttons a bit to make them bigger (or just create your own custom button in CSS).


Please check this link Is this you are expecting?


Pretty close, thanks